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Garrett Sullivan demonstrates how he
home brews his own diesel fuel.

Bio-diesel demonstration.

 Alternative Energy


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Summit County Community & Senior Center




Dan Bihn, Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society

Dan gave a presentation about the use of energy in America, and the misuse of energy. He discussed the role that emerging technologies will be able to provide in the next few years. These included better batteries for electric cars, biomass for heat and electricity, and more efficient use of solar and wind renewable sources.


Rick Gilliam, Western Resource Advocates

Rick talked about the use of solar collectors and the effect that Amendment 37  is having on the relationship between public utilities and consumer. The utilities are required to provide rebates for consumers who install solar collectors on their homes, based on the efficiency of their systems. Ricks stated goals are to see homes become energy self sufficient in the next 15 years.


Garrett Sullivan, M.D.

Garrett is a local producer and consumer of biodiesel.  Biodiesel is a fuel comprised of mono-alkyl esters of long chain fatty acids derived from vegetable oils or animal fats, designated B100, and meeting the requirements of ASTM D 6751.  Garrett demonstrated the process of brewing biodiesel fuel and presented a slide show about the history and science of biodiesel technology. While he feels that has yet to save money on the use of biodiesel, due to the investment in equipment and the time involved in learning how to process the fuel, he does feel great about being able to supply his car with homemade fuel. Sullivan cited the high rate of diesel use in Europe and believes that commercial production of biodiesel fuels can go a long way to solving America's gas dependency problems.



Garret are you prepared to brew your own biodeisel for the rest of your life here in Summit County?

I have not saved any money but “I have tasted the elixir”. I get great satisfaction out of making the fuel that I put in my car.

Harold Grant. stated that another way to look at this is that by using imported  gasoline we are supporting people in Saudi Arabia who are supporting terrorists.

How rugged are solar panels? Rick answered They are rugged are guaranteed for 2 years and while damage due to hail and other weather factors, they have also survived extreme weather.

How can we create electricity our own electricity in Summit County?Biomas can be used to heat buildings. Having access to the power grid we can start bringing wind and solar energy into the local energy supply.

What is the usability for shingles that have solar collectors built in. They are lower efficiency as opposed to solar panels. But as technology improves cost may come down and shingles might become a usable technology. 

Is crude palm oil a good source of oil for biodiesel production?
It is a high fatty acid which requires an extra step in processing. A plant may be starting in Houston  that will double the biodiesel out put in 2 years.

Does ethanol costs more and pollute more than gasoline does?
Very controversial. To make one gallon it takes 7 gallons of energy to grow the corn. Using the stalk is much more efficient use of the corn and the technology improves.

 Will wind system be figured into net metering?
Yes any renewable resource can be used under Amendment 37.

 What is the Carbon Dioxide output of using biodesel vs. fossil fuel?Pretty much nil due to the use of fossil fuel in production and transportation. But if use expands it can be significant.

Howard Hallman  asked if  30 years in the future will we still  be dependent on large utilitiy companies:

Rick:  30 years things will be completely different. Communities and individuals will be able to produce and store their  own power. The transmission lines may come down. Alternative sources will become more efficient and cost effective.

Dan : Flexible fuels facility programs – new constructions should look at ways to not “lock out” new technologies as they become more effective. Pellet boilers are becoming more available and they use of whole tree pellets can increase the supply of pellets. A pellet plant is being built in CO. Austria creates 80% of their home heating from their forests.

Garret  sees the near future of bioseisel as very possible and their may be competition between oil for eating and driving.

 What about hydro fuel cells? Taking fuel cells and turning it into electricity and heating into efficient source.  They are expensive now but soon fuel cells will be used to supply all of the heat and electricity in homes.

Overall the forum was very positive and productive. At a time when the nation is concerned over the supply and costs of our addiction to fossil fuels, the panel was able to expressive optimism and excitement about the future of energy production in America. By embracing growing technology that uses renewable resources, and creating demand for renewable products we can become increasingly self sufficient in meeting our energy needs.


















Dan Bihn is excited about
the future of energy independence.






















Rick explains how Admendment 37
effects homeowners who use solar collectors.
































The panel takes questions from
the audience.














































Comments and questions can be directed to:

 Howard Hallman, PO Box 209, Frisco, CO 80443

970-468-9134 or hhallman@ourfuturesummit.org