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Working to make Summit County a Better Place to Live for Ourselves and Future Generations

Join us for our NEXT FORUM the second Thursday of each month!

Our objective is to identify tangible projects on which to focus our energies.  We are looking for projects that will make a meaningful, positive change for Summit County, not only now but for decades to come. As a result of our first two meetings, we have identified the following project as one which is particularly time-sensitive and evokes strong feelings: 

1) Forest Health and Water Protection

2) Forest Stewardship in Summit County


3) Mountain Pine Beetle - Check www.summitpinebeetle.org, a site containing a wealth of information about this threat to our forests.

4) I-70 Expansion - This is an important issue for our County. Our goal will be to facilitate public education and citizen comment. Learn more on the "Hot Topics" page of this site.

Other possible future projects (in no particular order) might include:

5) Shared Revenues, Services and Other Efforts - A working group to identify areas where the County, Towns and other entities could save money and provide better service by sharing resources. Examine areas such as economic development, land planning, water, public land usage, beetle kill and forest fire mitigation where county-wide cooperation simply makes sense.



6) Public Safety - Help build bridges between law enforcement and the community. This may seem like a "no-brainer," but the better people get to know and understand one another, the greater the level of trust and mutual involvement.

7) Immigration - Gather vital statistics regarding immigrant communities that could be used to inform better decision-making. For example, mainstream methods such as the Census many times miss large numbers of immigrants. What may be required is positive door-to-door contacts, working closely with immigrants and ethnic leaders.

8) Reducing Light Pollution - Facilitate the dissemination of information to Towns and the County regarding improved lighting systems and designs. Further educate the business community about lighting systems and designs that save money and contribute to public safety while preserving the aesthetics of our community.

It is important to remember that we are an apolitical organization, not connected to any political entity. As such, we invite, and to the best of our ability represent, a consensus drawn from a diversity of opinions.